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  • How to design brands for chatbots and virtual assistants

    If you believe the hype, the way people deal with services and brands is going to involve a lot more conversation, and lot less clicking and tapping. Currently, if you want information about a product, service or brand – or to get it to do something for you – you’ll likely use a website or […]

  • The new SVG 2 vector graphics format is almost here

    SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), the stalwart 2D vector graphics format, is getting an upgrade focused on closer alignment with HTML and CSS – which should mean that if you want to do something more complex than simple vectors (interactive infographics, for example), coding it should be easier.

    The World Wide Web Consortium has authored SVG 2, which […]

  • Getting Personal with Printed Catalogs

    When 69 percent of your target audience engages in a particular purchase behavior, you’ll most certainly want your customer experience to enable that activity. That, in a nutshell, is what’s behind the recent resurgence in printed catalogs. A recent Xerox-InfoTrends research study found that nearly seven out of 10 consumers consult catalogs before purchases.

    The same […]